This page is a working example of the Download Protect extension for WP-Members.

Regular Unprotected Link

The following link is an example of a regular unprotected link where the link is direct to the location in the file system:

Text Link: Unprotected File

Protected Link

Now here is a link that is set up through Download Protect to prevent direct access to the file. You will only be able to access it if you are logged in.

You can log in to access this link, or if you click it when not logged in, you will be taken to the download error page where you can log in and then access the file.

Raw Protected Link

The following is a direct access link to the protected file above. This is to demonstrate how you cannot directly access the file. Even if the direct link is known, you cannot access the file like you can from the first, unprotected file, regardless of whether you are logged in or not.

Even though the direct link is known, you will receive a 404 error when trying to access the file directly.

Log in to try it out

Obviously, the protected links are inaccessible unless you are logged in. If you want to log in to view, go to the login page and log in. This link to the login page also demonstrates how return linking with the redirect_to parameter works to bring you back to the originally requested page.